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Direct Primary Care Program

Direct Primary Care Program

Take advantage of our Direct Primary Care program. This is an additional service to help individuals and employers with the high cost of medical services. Our Direct Primary Care program is designed to save individuals money by providing services most frequently used at a cost-effective rate. This can also help employers by lowering the frequency of insurance claims.

Direct Primary Care Program


This is NOT an insurance plan nor a replacement for your insurance plan but rather, it is an all-around cheaper way of getting basic medical services that people need from day to day.

What is Direct Primary Care?
It is a subscription-based membership to our clinic where you can get basic care and routine services by paying a fixed low subscription fee every month.

Acute Care for
~Sinus and Ear ~Infections
~Sore Throat
~Acid Reflux
~Kidney and Bladder Infections
~Non-life Threatening
~Simple Splinting of Broken Bones (not including manipulation of displaced or complex fractures)

Physicals for
~Annual Wellness

Chronic Therapy
~High Blood Pressure
~High Cholesterol
~Cardiovascular Disease
~Chronic Fatigue
~Non-Narcotic Pain 

Procedures, Tests and Treatments
~Ear Wax Removal
~Abscess Draining
~Foreign Body Removal
~Nebulizer Breathing
~In-house Rapid Strep
~X-ray (add’l fee if sent out of clinic)
~Sprirometry (Pulmunary Function Test)
~HIV Testing
~Pregnancy Testing
~Blood Test
~Preventative Health Screening

Direct Primary Care FAQ

Direct Primary Care is a program designed to save you money on your healthcare. Once you are a member you can be seen at any time for a reduced price.

Faith provides services at a lower monthly fee and you don’t have to worry about getting to see a doctor the same day.

There is a $49 co-pay at the time of service.

A partial list of services include colds, bronchitis, injuries, x-rays, labs, yearly physical, DOT physical, flu shot, acute primary care, flu, sinus infection, rashes, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more.

Yes. An employer can cover the $39/mth for the employees, or the employee can self pay. Dependents are also welcome.

Beginning January 1st, 2019, the individual insurance mandate penalties will no longer be enforced, and you now have better options when purchasing health insurance.

Faith Immediate Care and Occupational Medicine has developed strategies that will save you money on your healthcare services and insurance plan options.

Faith Immediate Care and Occupational Medicine is a full-service clinic offering comprehensive medical care for all. We work faster and much more cost-effectively saving you both time and money. There is simply no need to worry about high deductibles and premiums or those long waits in an emergency room anymore.

Let us show you a more cost-effective way to have quality healthcare for your family; or as business owners, for your employees.

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